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A field trip during springtime + SPRING OUTFITS!

 We went with our Italian class to this beautiful villa in Vicenza designed by Palladio, a really famous Italian architect for one of the richest families in the area. It was really nice to see something new that is not as mainstream as the other monumental buildings in Italy. Me and Monica had a lot of fun, and it inspired us to think about comfortable and pretty spring outfits! Enjoy your spring-cookie! :)
Az olasz csoporttal elmentunk, hogy megnezzuk ezt a gyonyoru villat Vicenzaban, amit Palladio, egy nagyon hires epitesz tervezett egy gazdag csaladnak. Nagyon szep volt valami olyat megnezni, ami nem tulsagosan reklamozott, de szep hely, es nem az egyik csapbol is folyo olasz nevezetesseg. Monicaval nagyon jol ereztuk magunkat, es jott egy csomo otletunk, hogy mit lenne jo tavasszal hordani! Jo etvagyat a tavaszi sutihez!:)

And the spring outfits, ladies and gentleman!
Holgyeim es uraim, most pedig kovetkezzenek a goncok!


 These are my new things! I got a tanner lotion, a little make up kit and a liquid eyeliner!
 I feel a lot better now!
Ezek az uj szerzemenyeim: barnitokrem, sminkkeszlet es szemhejtus! Mostmar szebb az elet!

My spring make up: pink, light brown and yellow shades, liquid eyeliner and rose pink lips :)
A tavaszi sminkem: rozsaszin, halvany barna es sargas arnyalatok, szemhejtus es babarozsaszin szajfeny :)

With this outfit I had coral color lipstick on, because it went better with my shoes :) You can achieve a fresh spring look with wide striped T-shirt, deep blue skinny jeans, some lace and smaller, vivid red details :)
Ehhez a tengereszes ruhavalasztashoz atfestettem a szam korall szinu ruzzsal, hogy jobban menjen a cipomhoz :) Friss, tavaszi hangulatba kerulhetsz es hozhatsz masokat egy szeles csikos poloban, sotetkek skinny farmerben es csipke es kisebb, eros piros kiegeszitokkel :) 

1. Pretending that I'm looking for something in my bag! 2. OMG! A cockroach! 
1. Nagyon termeszetesen ugy teszek, mintha keresnek valamit a taskamban
2. URISTEN! Csotany!

For a casual spring day I love to wear my Converse with ripped pants, natural colored shirt and with my poncho thrown around my neck :)
Laza , tavaszi napokon szeretem a Conversem valasztani szakadt farmerral, termeszetes szinu poloval es a poncsommal, amit atdobok a vallamon :)


1. Pants: GAP
    Necklace: Pimkie
    Jacket: Philip Russel
    Shoes: New Yorker
    Bracelet: New Yorker
    Bag: AVON
    Sunglasses: Ray Ban
    Scarf: H&M

2. Pants: Fishbone
    Shoes: Converse
    Necklace: New Yorker
    T-Shirt: Made by Agi
    Sunglasses: Ray Ban
    Poncho: Croft&Barrow

Make up: 
   Eyeshadow: Too Faced
   Bronzer: AVON
   Eyeliner: Clinique
   Mascara: Maybeline XXL

This trip was a fantastic one! I mean a little time away from schoolwork...not really because we still practiced our Italian! We went around this beautiful Villa, and just had to share our pictures with you guys so  I hope you enjoy them :) We ate a delicious lunch and drank a little Vino!!! You always want to be comfy on a trip, especially when you know you're going to be walkin alot. Here is what I would consider practical on a spring day outdoors! :)

I always like to accesorize with gold jewelry!  A layered sweater kept me warm :)

A hot pink bag made my outfit a perfect one!

Flats will ALWAYS be your feet's best friend when sightseeing!

Jeans are very comfortable to walk around in, and a boyfriend shirt with a scarf made this outfit come together!


Last thing to remember is to never ever leave behind your sunglasses and camera!!!


Sweater: Roxy
Cargo Pants: Victoria Secret
Loafers: BCBG
Bracelet: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Street Level

Jeans: Zara
Boyfriend Shirt: H&M
Belt: H&M
Scarf: Oviese
Bag: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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