2012. február 29., szerda

Graduation ceremony

As I mentioned earlier, I had to go back to Hungary for my graduation. I planned the outfit in advance as much as I could, but Murphy didn't let it go as smooth as it was supposed to.

My clothes got really wrinkly in my handbag and even though I was trying to iron my shirt, I had to wait at the university from 7 in the morning till 12 so needless to say, nothing looked the way I expected to. My hair got really ugly too and I got sick that day, so yaay, my graduation was awesome! :D

Mint korabban azt mar emlitettem, haza kellett mennem a diplomaosztomra. Elore elterveztem az oltozekem, hogy minden zokkenomentesen menjen, de persze Murphy nem hagyta ezt teljesulni.

A ruhaim nagyon osszegyurodtek a kezitaskamban, szoval hiaba vasalgattam oket reggel, kb semennyire nem egyenesedtek ki, na meg reggel 7tol 12ig az egyetem melletti Megdonacban csoveztem, mert nem volt hova menni, ugyhogy ha meg ki is sikerult voltna vasalni, ugyis ronda lett volna. A hajam is osszekocolodott es rosszul is voltam aznap, szoval remekul sikerult a diplomaoszto! :D

2012. február 26., vasárnap

Leopard, leopard, leopard!!!

I wanted to do a blog on something I LOVE...as I know many others do too! Leopard!!!! This is a fashion yes yes yes! Leopard is something that you can pretty much incorporate with any outfit :) This fashion trend will never die and it will be around for ever! I made a couple of outfits that you see down below to show how you can easily go casual or dress it up a little. I also experimented with my makeup a little and couldn't resist adding some rocking pair of shoes. My lovely daughter helped out and you can see that it's a fashion trend for any age :):) This is my obsession...enjoy!

Valami olyat akartam csinálni, amit IMÁDOK... és tudom, hogy mások is! LEOPÁRD! Ez divat, igen, igen, igen! A leopárdminta olyan, amit szinte akármilyen outfitbe beletehetsz :) Ez a divat sosem fog meghalni, örökké élni fog! Összeraktam pár öltözéket, hogy megmutassam, hogyan lehet hétköznapokban és kiöltözős alkalmakkor hordani. Sminkkel is kísérleteztem egy kicsit, és nem bírtam ki, hogy ne mutassak nektek pár cipőt! A kislányom segítségével azt is megmutatom, hogy ez nem csak a mi korosztályunknak való divat :) Ez a szenvedélyem.. remélem tetszik!

Don't you?

2012. február 24., péntek

Who I am :)

I didn't want the blog to say too much about my private life, but maybe me as a Hungarian in Italy needs some explanations, so this post is just for those who want to know more about me, how I met my husband and how I met Monica :)

I used to be kind of a party tour guide in Budapest, and my husband was in one of my groups that I had to take out for a pub crawl. After meeting each other we started talking online, and 6 months later he visited me again, so we started dating finally.

After surviving his deployment in Afghanistan together, meeting became easier and he proposed to me the same year. We got married in Hungary last July and after that I moved here to Italy to be closer to him. Since then we got two puppies to make bonds stronger lol :)

Nem akartam, hogy túl sok magánéleti vonatkozás legyen a blogban, de lehet, hogy a tény, hogy magyar létemre Olaszországban lakom, igényel némi magyarázatot, szóval ez a bejegyzés ad egy rövid leírást, hogy hogyan találkoztam a férjemmel és Monicával :)

Igazából még Pesten ilyen party idegenvezető-szerűség voltam, a férjem pedig benne volt az egyik csapatomban, akiket kocsmatúrára vittem. Az első találkozásunk után neten kezdtünk el beszélgetni, és 6 hónappal később megint meglátogatott, és akkor jöttünk össze, éselkezdtünk randizgatni.

Miután a kapcsolatunk túlélte, hogy Afganisztánban kellett harcolnia 9 hónapig, a randizás sokkal egyszerűbb lett, és még abban az évben megkérte a kezem. Tavaly nyáron házasodtunk össze Magyarországon, utána pedig ideköltöztem Olaszországba, hogy közelebb legyünk egymáshoz. Azóta 2 kutyával fűztük szorosabbra a kapcsolatunkat hihi:)

This is our doggie, Dexter :) Puppy No 1
ez Dexter, az egyes számú eb :)

2012. február 22., szerda

Summer body challenge part 2 + my favorite food!

So as I told you before, I started working out and doing the program I linked to the post, but the thing is that I was really greedy and didn't keep any of the eating advice at all lol :) In like a week I'm gonna start this other excercise program, this one is called LIVE FIT trainer and it's from Jamie Eason, I love her! It has more advice on what food to eat and what not to, so hopefully this time I can actually lose weight. I did get a nicer muscle tone though, so if someone from you guys started to do that excercise, DON'T STOP! :)

I will start this one, and I promise I won't break any rules this time!:)

Now I am going back to Hungary for like a week, so I won't be able to keep my diet of course. I think a lot of you haven't tried Hungarian food yet, well, you shouldn't miss something like that! :) 

My favorite food is paprika chicken, it is not hard to make, and nobody can die without tasting it! You will fall in love!
Szoval mint korabban mar emlitettem, elkezdtem egy edzesprogramot, amit egy korabbi postomhoz linkeltem is, de az az igazsag, hogy nagyon falank voltam, es semmilyen etkezesi tanacsot nem tartottam be :) Kb egy heten belul elkezdem ezt az edzest, ezt LIVE FIT trainernek hivjak es Jamie Eason az oktato, ot nagyon szeretem! Tobb etkezesi tanacs is van benne, szoval nagyon remelem, hogy ezuttal tenyleg fogok fogyni. Amugy kidolgozottabbak lettek az izmaim, szoval ha valaki kozuletek elkezdte az elozot, 

Most ezt fogom csinalni, es igerem, ezuttal nem fogok csalni!:)

Hazamegyek Magyarorszagra egy hetre, ugyhogy termeszetesen keptelenseg lesz betartani a dietam. Szerintem sokan nem ettetek meg magyar kajat, pedig nem szabad kihagyni!

A kedvencem a paprikas csirke, nem nehez elkesziteni, es nem lehet meghalni anelkul, hogy meg ne kostolnad! Szerelembe fogsz esni!

On this link you can find an accurate recipe, so you can make it yourself at home. They have everything converted to your whichever metric system you are using, so you won't have trouble trying to figure out the measures! :)

2012. február 19., vasárnap

Carnivale Venezia 2012

Monica and I were thinking about going to Venice this year to see all the people dressed up, and show you our outfits in the festival season as well. However, she had to travel away for the weekend, so I took some pictures with my husband, because I thought those of you who haven't been there before would enjoy getting a little peek into what is going on there at this time of the year.

I will also introduce a really casual set of clothes, which do not make it impossible to enjoy yourselves while walking kilometers on the old streets of a tourism spot that you are visiting.
Monicaval gondolkoztunk rajta, hogy ki kellene menni Velencebe iden, hogy megnezzuk a beoltozott embereket, es csinaljunk par kepet a mi farsangi oltozekunkrol is. Sajnos azonban el kellett utaznia, ugyhogy a ferjemmel csinaltunk par kepet, mert azt gondoltam, azok, akik meg nem voltatok itt, biztos elveznetek egy kis betekintest, hogy mi is zajlik itt ebben az idoszakban.

Ezen kivul megmutatok nektek egy laza, hetkoznapi szettet, amitol nem fogjatok magatokat rosszul erezni tobb kilometernyi macskakovon valo setalas utan sem.

 There was a lot of people!!!
Rengetegen voltak!

 We will go back and buy the mask in the middle, isn't it beautiful? :)
Visszafogunk menni megvenni a kozepso maszkot, nem gyonyoru? :)

2012. február 15., szerda

This is what we were actually wearing for Valentine's Day !

Hope that everyone's Valentine was a lovely one!


Blazer: New Yorker
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Pimkie
Jeans: Motivi
Shoes: 5th Avenue
Watch: Guess


Coat: Bebe
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden

2012. február 10., péntek

Gentlemen in scarves

It is fun to combine masculine and girly clothes, but we don't want to look like dudes! In today's cookie you find some advice on how to match the clothes carrying the two genders' characteristics the way that you'll look stylish and original. We'll also give you a little advice on what way to wear your scarves in this freezing time of the year.

Our guest star today is our friend, the molto bella Ines. This was her first photo shoot so in the beginning she was a little nervous, but you'll see, by the end we were able to break the ice! :)
Jo moka ferfias es noiesebb ruhakat osszekombinalni, de nem akarunk ugy kinezni, mint valami csavo! A mai sutibol megtudhatjatok, hogyan tegyetek ossze lanyos es fiusabb ruhadarabokat a stilusos es egyedi kinezet erdekeben. Ezen kivul kaptok meg tolunk par otletet, hogyan hordjatok a salatokat ebben a hideg idoben.

Sztarvendegunk baratunk, a molto bella Ines. Ez volt az elso fotozasa, ugyhogy eleinte kicsit izgult, de majd meglatjatok, a vegere megtortuk a jeget!:)

2012. február 9., csütörtök

Summer body challenge

I don't know if you guys are on a diet or do some workout, but I realized that the older I get the harder it is to get in shape. I used to do a lot of cardio and spend 2 hours at a time at the gym but I have to admit it really tried my patience and sometimes I gave up cause I didn't see the results instantly. 

However, the latest workout I discovered is totally different for me! Surprisingly, it has a lot of light lifting excercises, that I never did before. Last time I stuck to every rule of it I lost 5 kilos in 5 weeks! 3-5 times of gym time is needed, each time about an hour but it's really enjoyable.

Now that we are through Christmas and every important celebration that we had no choice but to eat, I gained a lot of weight and am fatter than ever, so I took a picture of myself last week, when I started my workout and will upload it and the one I am already fit in :)


Nem tudom, ti hogy vagytok vele, de en azt veszem eszre, hogy evrol evre nehezebb formaba hozni magam. Regebben nagyon sok kardiot csinaltam, es volt, hogy 2 orakat toltottem kondizassal, ami be kell hogy valljam, nagyon probara tette a turelmemet, sokszor pedig feladtam, mert nem lattam rogton a valtozast.

2012. február 5., vasárnap

Valentine's Day Makeup!

Spice up your night a little by using some red tones! Use the red along the middle and outer area of your eyes, then use some of the lighter pink in the inner corners! Some bronzer to contour your cheek bones and a little bit of pink on your apples. When using a dramatic eyelook you can always tame it down with a lighter lipstick like this pink one I used.


Fuszerezd meg az ejszakad piros tonusok segitsegevel! Hasznalj erosebb pirost a kozepso es kulso reszeken, aztan vilagosabb rozsaszint a szemzugban! Bronzosito segitsegevel kiemelheted az arccsontod es kis rozsaszinnel az orcadat is szebbe teheted. Ha dramai hatasu a sminked, kicsit meglagyithatod egy vilagosabb szajfennyel mint a rozsaszin, amit en is hasznaltam.

Valentine's Day Cookie

If you want to impress your boyfriend on your Valentine's Day date, but do not know, what to wear, here's your help! Monica and I will give you a few ideas about how to be sexy without crossing the line.
Ha szeretned Valentin Nap alkalmabol lenyugozni a baratod, de nem tudod, mit viselj, itt a segitseg! Adunk par otletet, hogy hogyan legyel szexi anelkul, hogy tullepned a hatart.

About us... :)


It is always hard to start something, but we thought we should introduce ourselves a little bit, so you know who is baking up your fashion. First of all, we are two individuals driven by the beauty of fashion. We both live in Italy and are military wives, and we decided to get together and begin something that would provide us a way to express ourselves while benefiting others.

We live by the motto of

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

We hope you will enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy the preparations and the time being spent making this blog the best it can be.
Find the fortune you are looking for!

Monica & Agi